The Best Gadgets For The Medic Class


The Battlefield series has always been about making each player in the squad feel important. Many other games within the genre have borrowed the elements which have helped make the Battlefield series so successful. Since going back into the roots of World War 2 with the release of Battlefield 5, the franchise changed the class system of the soldiers; now each class can do a lot to turn the tide in their favor.

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Although Battlefield 5 is arguably not the best entry in the series, it’s also not the worst. Over time, the game did improve, which is one of the reasons why players keep going back to it. The classes in Battlefield 5 are split into four categories: assault, medic, support, and scout. Medics can heal the team and squad along with replenishing health packs; consequently, it’s always good to have a medic in a squad, and arming themselves with these gadgets will help the player win the fight more often and better.

6 AP Mine

battlefield 5 ap mine Cropped

This Anti-Personal Mine is good for patient players because the enemy needs to walk over it in order for the user to get the kill. If players place this mine in a strategic place, the AP Mine can cause a chain reaction that brings out the best in Battlefield 5.

On top of that, players can place the AP Mine near them for protection while getting a teammate up, so it’s a good idea for soldiers to use this mine before a grenade because enemies can’t see it. While it doesn’t do a lot of damage to vehicles, the AP Mine keeps them at bay and allows for more breathing room. If playing modes like Conquest, players can place the mine at any of the points, allowing for the enemy to come in and get hit without even knowing it.


5 Incendiary Grenade

battlefield 5 incendairy grenades

For medics who play a little more aggressively, an Incendiary Grenade is probably the best bet because of the lasting damage it inflicts. While a player is getting someone else up, they can throw this grenade in the surrounding area to hurt the enemy more and to stop them from getting closer. The Incendiary Grenade slows down enemies, and that’s what players want to do.

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Unlike the other grenade, this option has an area effect that lasts longer; therefore, an enemy player who runs into the fire will take a lot of damage and go down faster. If not, the teammates or squad members can come in afterward and take down the weakened enemies. The best part about the Incendiary Grenade is that it has a wider hit range than other grenades.

4 Type 99 Mine

battlefield 5 type 99 mine gadget

The medic class is quite balanced, combining the best parts of the assault and support classes. The assault class focuses on doing damage and taking down vehicles, and the Type 99 Mine does exactly that but for medics. The difference between the AP Mine and the Type 99 Mine is what they can do. While both are good and take down enemy players and vehicles, each mine excels in one way. In its case, the Type 99 Mine can incapacitate any light vehicle and get a whole squad wiped with one mine toss.

Weapons make up one-half of a medic’s loadout, but the gadgets also make an impact, some more so than others. This mine is extra important since Battlefield 5 has a ton of vehicles during Conquest matches.

3 Medical Crate

battlefield medical crate

Picking this over the medical bandages has pros and cons; for one, a Medical Crate can recover a large amount of health for many players who stand near it. Having a Medical Crate is great because Battlefield 5 has tons of choke points on most of the maps. If a medic places a crate near a bunch of their teammates, they can have infinite healing provided they keep on replacing it.

Since the medic will be getting players up more so at those choke points, the crate makes their job a lot easier. Therefore, it’s essential that medics have either the crate or the bandages equipped.

2 Smoke Grenade Rifle


Smoke grenades, in general, are fine options for medics as they provide a good amount of coverage and can distract the enemy. The Smoke Grenade Rifle does the same job as the grenade but better. It offers more range and a wider distance for the smoke to cover. Therefore, if players throw in smoke, they can sneak in and get those satisfying kills with some of the best melee weapons Battlefield 5 has to offer.

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This gadget can also protect the player as they can shoot the rifle in a direction of a downed player and get them up instantly with the syringe, or it can protect another player who is trying to get a teammate up. Since Battlefield 5 is known for its deadly snipers, using smoke to cover a large area to protect players is an excellent idea.

1 Bandages

battlefield 5 player using a health bandage game

Medics should have Bandages or the Medical Crate equipped at the very least since the point of the class is to heal and resupply. Unlike the crate that requires people to stay in one spot, if the medic throws a Bandage to a friendly player, they can run with it and still be healed. On top of that, players who have used the default Bandages get resupplied when the player throws it their way.

Both the Medical Crate and Bandages can work depending on the situation. For players who are moving around, Bandages are ideal, although it should be noted that this gadget takes longer to heal as opposed to the Medical Crate.

Battlefield 5 is out available now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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