The 9 best gadgets for your survival kit in 2022


Let’s face it, the world’s unpredictable. If you were to believe every bit of news you hear, the world should have ended quite a few times by now. However, as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so why not get prepared with a cupboard full of doomsday prep gadgets?

Whether you’re looking to be fully kitted out for any major incident the world may face, or simply want a few devices in case of emergency, there are plenty of doomsday prepping gadgets to help you through zombie invasions, apocalypses, or one of the many other world-ending threats we’re all waiting patiently for.

The best doomsday prepping gadgets

Lifesystems waterproof matches

© LifeSystems

If movies have taught us anything, it’s that a post-apocalyptic world includes a lot of standing around bins on fire for warmth. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself in this new social situation, you’ll want to have some particularly resistant matches, capable of lighting a fire in any weather condition.

With this pack from LifeSystems, you’ll get 25 heavy duty matches that can be lit for up to 20 seconds and are both water-proof and wind-proof. Carry a few of these around and post-apocalyptic you will be the envy of all of your friends.

Lifestraw personal water filter

© Lifestraw

When you’re stuck in a survival situation, water is going to be one of the key things you’ll need. If, let’s say, you end up in a post-apocalyptic world where you can’t find clean water, you’ll need a way of getting it – that’s where the Life Straw could come in handy.

This little plastic tube allows you to drink directly from a source of water, automatically filtering out any of the bad stuff. In fact, Life Straw claims it can protect against 99.999999 per cent of bacteria. You should be able to use this straw for about five years – plenty of time for you to set up a better water system in your post-apocalyptic life.

Wind up radio and emergency power bank

© Greadio

Sure, breakfast radio shows are unlikely to continue once civilisation comes to an end but this radio could still be a great investment. Listen out for emergency broadcasts, charge your phone with the built in solar panel or make use of the bright flashlight.

BioLite campstove

© BioLite

If an apocalyptic situation throws you out into the wilderness, you’ll need to find a way to keep warm – that’s where the BioLite camp stove comes in. With this device, you can easily get a fire going which you could use to cook food, for light or simply for warmth.

The heat generated is also turned into power which you can store in a 3200mAh battery and then use to charge your phone or other device. As another added extra, there’s also an attached lamp powered by the battery – it’s like a Swiss Army Knife in bonfire form.

Vollebak Apocalypse Jacket

© Vollebak

Apocalypse fashion is important to get right. You want to look and feel the part and keep up with the latest doomsday trends… you also probably want something that will actually keep you safe. The Vollebak Apocalypse coat does both.

Made to withstands black lava, flash fires and chemical erosion, this is a coat that is ready for all kinds of world-ending scenarios. Along with the obvious benefits of being very resistant to everything and warm, there are also 23 pockets inside the coat… somehow. That’s perfect to help you carry your apocalypse snacks, axe and a good book to ward off boredom.

Danner Acadia boots

Survival boots

A good pair of boots are going to go a long way in a doomsday scenario. Whether you need to wade through the rain, kick away zombies or step over dangerous chemicals (all very realistic options), the investment in sturdy boots is a must.

While there are a lot of brands that can provide you with high-end boots, Danner’s Acadia range are going to be one of the best routes to go. The go-to option for a lot of law enforcement, Danner makes sturdy boots that are meant to last. While Danner weirdly doesn’t mention an apocalypse on their website, they do suggest their boots for ‘adventure, exploration and hard work’ which is about as close as you’re going to get.

BATIOPV folding trolley


If a world-ending event sends you on the roads, looking for water, accommodation or civilisation, you’ll probably need a way to carry your stuff with you. Yes, you could opt for a bag but you’re not going to get all of your survival gear in there! Instead, you could go for a trolley, allowing you to carry more and worry less about the back problems you’ll likely gain from fighting off zombies.

This option from BatioPV can fold away when you’re not using it and can hold up to 150kg. While they suggest parcels, furniture and plants, you could easily switch that out for survival gear, tents and a hoarded supply of Twinkies.

goTenna Mesh

© GoTenna Mesh

goTenna is a brand that has a lot of use in today’s world… but even more if everything gets a little messed up. These fancy little dongles connect up to your smartphone and through a mesh-networking system, they allow you to send messages to other people near you with a goTenna.

They don’t require any service or Wi-Fi and you can send your location on them as well as texts. Even better, the messages are completely encrypted so there’s noway for anyone else to see them.

Using these, you can keep in touch with your friends and family as the world falls apart, sending your location and favourite meme to sum up your feelings on the end of the world.

Worst-case scenario survival guide

© David Borgenicht

Not every doomsday purchase has to be for when the day comes, why not take some time to get prepared before? This book by David Borgenicht takes you through what you should do in a list of extreme situations.

Of course, not every situation he teaches you about will apply (we’re not sure how much you’ll need to deal with cyberbullies, fake news or quicksand in an apocalypse), but there are plenty of key bits of information in here that could help you out of a tight spot as a traveller in the apocalyptic wilderness.

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