Customer Service And The Truth About Happy Customers


All entrepreneurs who run their own small companies believe that they have the greatest customer service and yet if they were to survey their customers they might find out the truth about exactly how happy their customers actually are. When doing surveys for customer service for small businesses I am always amazed at the difference between what the entrepreneur thinks about his own customer service and what the customers actually think.

Another interesting point is that many customers who no longer do business with the company had a bad experience with customer service and rather than telling the company about it they told 20 of their best friends about the poor customer service they received. These customers generally will not participate in customer surveys because they are no longer customers or because they are not the type of person who would bother to fill-out a survey.

Your company’s customer service and the truth about happy customers may be completely different and perspective based. From the customer’s point of view they think you’re customer service is lousy and from your point of view you believe you are doing the most you can possible and still make a profit.

It is amazing the little things you can do to improve your customer service, which will change the customer’s view. Sometimes it is merely a smile on the face of the person behind the counter. I want you to go home and think about this tonight and consider what I have said. Thank you very much.

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