Are There Any Free Cell Phone Number Directories?


Since cell phones have overtaken telephones in terms of usage and popularity, it is not surprising that there are many companies who claim to offer free cell phone number directories as in the case of white pages for landlines. But, in reality, the claims of free cell phone number directory might be dubious or misleading.

With the advent of the latest devices like Blackberry and iPhones which use mobile technology, many people tend to favor these devices for communication, social networking and business. There has been a tremendous increase in cellular phone usage over the recent years especially after the introduction of the aforementioned cool gadgets which can be used to access the internet, make voice or video calls and so forth. But, there is a price to be paid as well. More and more people are misusing the cellular phone technology to harass others, propagate money or contest scams and even illegal marketing.

Hence, it could lead to money or other crimes apart from creating unnecessary tensions and disturbances in the lives of others. Although lodging police reports may seem wise but, there are a lot of factors involved like lack of substantial evidence or whatsoever. Due to the booming internet industry, there are many online companies who claim to provide free mobile phone number directory services. But, is it really possible?

During the beginning stages of the cellular phone usage, the extensive database of cellular phone users was created by Criminal Investigation Detectives or CIDs and others of similar professions to investigate crime and other related activities. But, over the years, this database was taken over by the relevant cellular phone service providers or phone companies who maintain and update their clientele database regularly. Later, this extensive database was sold to reputable companies with the understanding that the provided information will not be misused in any way. So, is there such a thing called free mobile phone directory services?

It remains a question mark. With many online companies practicing all sorts of scams these days, it is indeed vital to check the legitimacy of a free cell phone directory service provider. One of the best and effective ways is to ask for a free preliminary check of the cellular phone number in the company’s cell phone directory. Normally, legitimate companies would allow their prospective customers to do such a thing without any issue. In the case of so-called free providers, they might not have such a service. If they do and the initial information seems valid, then, they would most probably charge you for their reports.

In other words, the so-called free cell phone directory might not be ‘free’ after all. Considering the fact that legitimate cell phone directory service providers had to purchase the relevant database and update it regularly, it is normal for them to charge at least a minimal fee for their services and reports. The report generated by them usually has vital information like full name, full address which is associated with the mobile phone number, date of birth and other phone numbers (including landline phone numbers) associated with the mobile phone number.

So, spending a small sum of money to purchase such useful information might prove worthwhile to stop harassment or whatsoever.

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